Four Room Apartment with Walk-in-Closet

studio x - workshop exhibition

Four Room Apartment with Walk-in-Closet

Four Room Apartment with Walk-in-Closet was an exhibition which was a continuation of the Brazilian Design Biennale which took place in Florianopolis. After being shown at MADE in Sao Paulo it continued to Rio de Janeiro, where I choose a different approach, in cooperation with Centro Carioca de Design & Studio X Rio de Janeiro. Together with Pedro Rivera (Studio X Rio de Janeiro) and  Paula de Oliveira (Centro Carioca de Design), I invited 15 interior design architects for a workshop to discus and re-design the interior of the exhibition. The workshop was lead by Renata Bartolomeu and Carolina Wambier. With this workshop the exhibition proved to be a experiment in interior-design and in exhibition design.

The exhibition was opened by the Consul-General of The Netherlands in Rio de Janeiro, Arjen Uijterlinde during the Design Week Rio de Janeiro, on the 4th November till and was exhibited on the 28 January 2016.


Workshop on interior-design.


With Joao and Pedro Rivera (Studio X Rio de Janeiro)


Workshop participants Clara Zuniga and Ana Oliveira Silva.


Consul-General Arjen Uijterlinde opening the exhibition.