Housing with a Mission

Housing with a mission - exhibition on Dutch and Chinese architecture

Housing with a Mission (2011)

The Housing with a Mission exhibition was the official Dutch entry for the Shenzhen & Hong Kong Urbanism Architecture Biennale in 2011. Supervisior Ole Bouman, curator Jorn Konijn and assistent curator Shuying Yu, made an exhibition that displayed design solutions for social housing in China, established in a collaborative project between Dutch and Chinese architects.The exhibition tried to show by showing an exchange between Dutch and Chinese architects where social housing was central. To answer these questions For this project, five Dutch (NL Architects, Arons and Gelauff architects, NEXT architects, KCAP and BARCODE Architects) and five Chinese (Urbanus, Standard architects, NODE, O-Office and CAFA University) offices selected. The designs here came forth from are actually implemented by the Chinese project VANKE.The centre-piece of the exhibition were 10 giant models of the designed housing blocks, which gave the whole exhibition a sense of a life-size dollhouse.

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